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Hi, I am the owner operator  at Natural Beauty. I am passionate about delivering the best services in a friendly relaxing environment.I have been in the beauty industry for 27 years and still love it.  I am an advanced skin care therapist with a wealth of knowledge.  My passion is skin care, Environ Skin Care to be exact.  In all my years I have never seen a product do what this does.  I trained with Environ back in South Africa in 1997 and have continued to see Dr Des Fernandes grow this amazing product range.

The clinic has been operating for over 20 years and I have owned the business for 17 years.  

I have been told that My Brazillain waxes are the best, put me to the test........

I gained my Aromatherapy and Reflexology International qualifications in 1998.

I have always wanted to create my own products so in 2021 I created Agape Oils product range.  I have always love the word Agape, means love in Greek.  My aim to to create products you love to use but that also love you.

The range is small but as time moves on, it will grow.  At the moment I sell it through my clinic but hopefully it will be online soon.  It is an aromatherapy based range consisting of Aromatherapy oils, bath oils, bath salts, after shower oils, lava bracelets,lip balms, healing balms and healing rings.


I would love for you to come in and experience my cozy little clinic and have a chat about all your skincare and body care needs.

See you soon......









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